Tech specs

The video is divided in two parts (lessons 1 to 8 and lessons 9 to 17). Part one is around 120 MB, part two is about 160 MB. With a standard connection, it takes a few minutes to download it.

Video format is WMV (Windows Media Video) which is compatible with PC and MAC - you do not need anything, just click it and watch it. (Mac user may need VLC player or other popular video players).



Buy the video

For a few weeks the video is available at a special price (16,90 euro). The lessons are divided into two files. As soon as you pay with your credit card or Paypal DO NOT CLOSE THE BROWSER. You will see a Paypal button to return to the Visotonic website: CLICK IT and you will get a thank you page where you find the links to the videos and the password to open both.

If you find any difficulty during the process, just contact the website manager at