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Loredana de Michelis was born in Torino, italy in 1965.
She qualified with a Laurea in "clinical psychology" from Padova University in 1989, afterwich she undertook a post lauream degree in "pshychotherapy of psychosomatic disorders". Studied ostheopathy, posturology, neuroscience and perception.
Worked for several years as a professional dancer.
Now she teaches facial gymnastic (Visotonic), Bates Method, postural training.
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What is Visotonic?

The method

Visotonic is a special exercise program to do a real Face Lifting naturally, rejuvenate your appearance and eliminate wrinkles without plastic surgery or cosmetic medicine.

Specific exercises to firm the neck, to increase lip volume, the volume of the cheekbones, firm cheeks and then give a lifting to the eyebrows. Reduction of wrinkles due to the volume acquired by the muscles, which tenses the new skin. Face brighter without bags or dark rings by improving circulation thanks to the method, which additionally strengthens the hair roots, making them thicker and preventing them from falling.

The method acts on the skin, which becomes brighter, the intensity of expression and even mood, which is closely linked to face muscles. Visotonic is an exercise-specific anti-aging program for the face, which with age loses fat and muscle and tends to sag. As you can sculpt and shape the body through physical discipline, it is also possible to sculpt and shape the face with appropriate exercises. The facial muscles are many and small: they change their tone quickly and any change of volume or location is immediately and clearly reflected in facial skin.

Visotonic can do a face-lift by exercising for about 15 minutes a day during while carrying on one’s normal routine.
The first results are seen after only three weeks. The technique is currently the most powerful amongst recognized facial gymnastics: increasing the volume of the face muscle, filling and shaping according to the principles of modern bodysculpture.


There are specific exercises for each part of the face to eliminate the nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles, increase the volume of lips and cheekbones, firm cheeks, neck and chin, and lift eyelids and brows. In addition to the exercises, you can learn innovative techniques of face massage and breathing, which serve to further enhance the already amazing effects of this method. Exercise and relaxation of head and neck muscles prevent headaches and a stiff neck, improve circulation and tissue oxygenation of the scalp, revitalizing the skin, strengthening the hair and reducing puffiness and dark rings.

Increased mobility and facial expression is a fundamental part of social communication: a toned face with a serene and relaxed expression helps to improve one’s mood and get different reaction from those around you. This means it is possible to perform an authentic face-lift increasing expressiveness, something impossible with any other sort of approach.

You're just one click from your Visotonic video lessons: 45 minutes of tutorial, 15 exercises that you can watch as many times as you want, also in slow motion.